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Once upon a time ,ye ol'  “hustle” would have best described those doing the dirty for the big bucks.Then came millennials. Definitions changed.                                                                                       

N Louis from our trusted Urban Dictionary, defines a "hustle" as:

To have the courage. confidence,self-belief, and self determintation to go out there and work it out until you find the oppurtunities you want in life.

Now. I may be completely unqualified in respects of experience and certain skills. However. I’m positively certain you need a side hustle.
And below is how you can get yours on. 

No.1: Find YOUR side

DO NOT look only at what others have created. Sure, have a browse or wander, be inspired by the etsy stores, the Instagram socialites, the how to, you-tubers, animators, gardeners , artists and already done and made it. Then look further into yourself. Truth, if you really want a side hustle, and a successful one at that its going to be something you enjoy.
If your 9-5 is already a drag how are you going to combat the slow, late progresses in your hustle and every other pitfall you may encounter. Its not worth your time. So, stop moulding your gifts, interests, services, purpose into only what’s already profitable, tried and working. There are probably other areas unexplored or quietly active that you can take a crack at. Or you must take your spin on the “old”. This is a toughie because there essentially seems to be a market and then your options seem limited.  Discover yourself a little. Just be yourself and shine your way.

No.2: Grind to the bone

My side hustle is a degree I am not studying. Yes. Someone in this world is undertaking a degree for the very thing I would like to try. Their paying money whilst I plan to make it. Now, that’s not to say I can slack around. I do have other priorities and as this is not my mainline of work, people around me may value it less of importance. Yet this is not to discourage you or I. 

         example: you didn’t study or get into a course in graphic design, but you would like to design blog templates. 

You may or may not have a background or training in the area you want to develop your hustle. Whichever, whatever you will have to get your grind on. with all you will have to put yourself to work. The hope is though it will be enjoyable, meaningful and purposeful work that spurs you to make that commitment and dedication.                                                                                                               
Lab Med Student in the making, Jan 2018

No. 3: Connect & Be Accountable

A hustle may not have your undivided attention. As something you are not paid to do or will not be reprimanded for not doing. Its easy, not to do. A hustler needs a trusted confidant or a passing someone. To help the ideas grow, keep them to their word and make sure they get the best out of them. If by March this hustler should have learnt Spanish, this hustler will not go months idle. Thanks possibly to their discipline, work ethic and some prods from a kind somebody or just a high five from a Good Samaritan.
Thus it is imperative you choose yourself a capable person to hold you accountable.

No.4: Hustle On

Keep up the hustle. Say this aloud. Shout it across an echoey hallway. Keep up the hustle. 
"hustlin' hustlin' nah nah hustlin' hustlin'..." or sing yourself forward. Whichever tickles your fancy.

That is it. My 4 tips to get started on your hustle. Whether you've known about the term, seen a few too many memes or this is all foreign and new. You can bring your hustle on.

As for myself, I found my hustle around 9 months ago after removing my interests from the “mould”, I was surprised by what my teeth wanted to sink into. Yet I had good vibes about this one. Whether or not my hustle will ever make me money it is a game of hard work in progress. I will get back to you on it someday. For what I know now.
This side hustle is possibly what others wold have described as a hobby until we started calling them the hustle. The true difference is that they generate some cash money and the “hustle” seems to be taken more seriously than a “hobby”. That’s why my friend I believe you should hustle. While I’m no expert you should spend some time, valuable time investing in your purpose and reaping the fullness of life. Whether it is in the form of your own watermark or an event organiser in your local community.
Never let yourself live the meaningless life. And if it takes the conception of a hustle to get you to think and rekindle with your dreams and goals. Be it.

Bear with.
Hustle on sunshine. 

Tari xx

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