Are you tight lipped about your goals and aspirations?
Until last year, I was a motor mouth spinning dreams and goals.
I usually resorted to my “future”, dreams and goals as conversation topics.
While I didn’t share all, if I was inspired or came across an idea.
I could not wait or be patient enough to relate it all to anyone who would listen.
Is this an issue?
If you’ve successfully begun making movements towards your goals, or are already leaping from one to another.
There is a key gap between us.
Whilst you have been doing, moving and throttling forwards.
I have only talked.
Tis a shame really. If we really take it in. I spent more time talking than really living.
I must also confess, I did use my dreams to boast.
I believe it stemed of me, unsatisfied with the present and myself.
Feeling inclined to fabricate a “better” life.
Thus focusing on the future in my dreams instead of the present I was living in.
These negative mind spaces right?
There’s light when we move from them.
So here is my story.
Late 2016 after graduating from high school, I read something.
I was on an Instagram spree, so my memory is not accurate on any details.
However, this time a few messages just kept transpiring and following me around.
It made my conscience turn.
You know the message that confronts you and feels as if its targeted for you.
It sees right through your lies and makes you face the truth.
That pointy finger message. That’s the one.
Well I felt the point and then challenged myself.
1. Hold onto your tongue
2. Do not use goals to boast
3. Less talk more living
A few weeks later. I kid you not.
I came upon something that made my heart screech.
BOOM. CRASH. WHOOP. Life Purpose.
Imagine it. Fireworks, the “works”, this thick fog wisping and then parting to reveal the answer.
That which you have searched your while life for. DUN DUN DUN.
No, really though the future was just smiling at me in that moment of realisation.
Its been a year plus. As of now, January 2018.
Three close people or my “brethren” have heard me speak briefly. One person gets some quarterly updates and is my fountain for fresh inspiration and accountability person.
I’m all for sharing and connecting through our journeys and the goals we have alongside them.
I boast not about my dreams. The times I talk are for connection, inspiration and that shameless need to get a little excited when the roads getting tough.
Your story.
I wonder.
You probably would prefer to see your own dreams transpire into being reality.
It feels good to dream but how much better to live. To really experience.
Of course there is also the danger that 10 years from now the very people you talked to will ask about the obvious. The lack of growth from the days you first excitedly spoke of all those hopes. To this day. How far did you come?
Well I hope that day doesn’t come for you. The day where you regret the time lost. Which will pain more than your past classmates remembering you talked off much and comparing your then to your now.
I hope while 2017 for me was applying this message into my life.
You can use it now or further it.
The days that come in your journey, may they be the ones that are the great adventures that will rock your life. For the better.
If this message is not new to you. Maybe it makes more of an impression this time around.
shhh…it is not so much as a secret.
Rather we are now at work, inside our humble studios. Crafting and creating.
We allow ourselves to create it as best, to produce and grow as fine as we can.
Bear With
Tari xx
To whoever wrote whatever I read that lead me to reflect and to grow into more humility and humbleness.
Thank You.