Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Planner Drama: From Failure to Will Power

Hey Sunshine?
Ever had planner drama?

I tend to find myself in the thick of it. I tell myself that a planner is integral to success in the year. Or at least beginning the year with one is. Since well organised people have planners and I do see myself thriving if I am well prepared or in control.
Now, planner drama commences after I have invested in the planner for the year. At such a time where I have already purchased my planner, friends and colleagues display theirs. Well hello?
Seems you weren’t the only one prepared to take on the year. Believe me I love the way my friend’s excitement heightens, and the electrifying confidence that comes with a planner that is in order and a design they love. Their joy and will for the year is eclectic.
However, this fact comes second to me no longer having that energy or zest for purpose.
I set out to discover where the drive was lost.
Answer, their planner. Right? Planner Drama ensues.

The absence of logic must astound you right? I’m highly amused.
This lunacy is real nevertheless. I’ve experienced it thrice in life. This past month was the first time I acknowledged its existence and ridiculousness. I have listened as people showcase their planners, and whilst I had loved mine at the time, I chucked it down and wished I’d gone for their planner.
Apparently, it wasn’t good enough since I hadn’t utilised it and there were people out there wanting to write in theirs.

Coincidentally, I did open my planner after neglecting it for the last 2 weeks of January and hence without meaning to. On the 1st of February 2018 after 2 weeks planner abandonment, I decided once again I had the right planner. For before each month there is a quote of some sort. January's was plain, hence the planner neglect. Whilst February's read, “Everyday Without Fail, I Will”.
Yes! Yass! Yuss! Now that’s the sort of planner I need. Tari back in action!

Planner Drama. Sure, I coined the term as I reflected on my strange, immature behaviour. Yet I believe it’s real, well it’s the existence of something else. Something like wanting that roaring fire and purpose, visibly burning in someone else.
For January comes around after the celebrations, ring of bells and lit skies. Then what? We all automatically dive into ploughing and sowing our fields? Nah. No. Not I.
Hence why New Year’s resolutions are a taboo.
January comes more like this. A collection of “I will’s” professed and many neglected like the planner that existed as an assistant to our success.  All abandoned barely 5 weeks into the new year. I often ask how January can commence with unswerving purpose and it all be a mere memory of false promises before we even flip to February.
Then I begin calculating the missed time in January, am I not just clocking up more time I could use in other forms? Nod with me. Yes.

You may be one of the precious ducks who has the dedication to implement the goals and habits from January on wards. As I’m in that struggling majority. I truly respect you.

However, for my brethren who aren’t inclined to discipline themselves so early and successfully what to do?  We forgive.
Yes, we accept the failings. Never mind we only moved this far from our starting. We suffered the some of the consequences of that. Now let’s acknowledge and forgive ourselves. Relieve ourselves of heavy hearts and any guilt that should form. Then we proceed forwards and on wards.
Our resolve is to bounce back and attack. Back to establishing a true commitment and developing real discipline. We aim to give it another attempt, “Everyday Without Fail, I Will”.
I fell out with my planner when I couldn’t commit to using it. I envied others because supposedly their planner was that nice it, they were using it and carrying it with them. The blame I placed on an inanimate object. Was my failing to begin what I sought to. Whilst there was a month of many failures and some disappointment. There is still life, time and belief.

Don’t sleep on those goals. Whatever they may be. The sluggish arrival to a new year ceases now. We enter a new month and we proclaim a mission.

Every day without fail I will…

It’s a struggle to toil. But may you flourish this season.
Bear With

Tari xx

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