As defined by the "TheFreeDictionary" to "bear with" is,

"To remain patient and attentive, especially during a lengthy or problematic situation that may cause one to want to quit or leave prematurely..."
"bearwithtazii" was birthed, when at the age of 16 I nagged my friend endlessly to brainstorm up the perfect blog name. It was unique and it befits me "to the T". T for Tari. 

At sixteen I lacked the direction, motivation and selfless ambition to work to prosper this blog. Although, I carried out my research, discovered internet hosting, domain ownership and was instructed article after article on a bloggers secret to success and stressed to have a niche. I never really moved past the ideas in my mind and the blog name.

In 2016, whilst I was well into my final year of high school, I took to Instagram as a way to uplift myself. Writing long posts that directed my negativity and fear away from my future and enabled me to rekindle and refresh as well as acquire new hope and purpose for my life. These posts received many more likes than my previous had and I saw the follower number grow slightly, as well.

However, the non-anticipated reaction was what touched me, I had comments and dm's (direct messages) from some soul across the ocean expressing how motivating that post had been to them. This prompted me on a "30 days of motivation", of which I posted 30 motivational posts although due to my busy schedule and lack of commitment it took a couple of months to complete this challenge.

I have completed it twice as of now and since the very first one I did as a struggling high school senior, I have journeyed further and farther. In fact, one of the toughest years I have had to date was my senior year of high school.

Despite a past as an A student, in year 12 I was one pass away from not graduating high school. For someone who only studied in her senior years of high school, choosing two top math subjects before I knew math was NOT my forte, severed my grades. I had never experienced failure like so. Yet, I did for the first time then and it was a consecutive failure over two years.

I graduated high school in 2016 and was accepted into university receiving my first option.
I got an Atar of 70, a bittersweet grade as from two years prior I had written 97.6 on every notebook and to do list before studying.
I had always had bright hopes for my future, I was raised to aspire and encouraged to do so.
For the first time in my life, I didn't have excitement or hope for my tomorrow.
I was lost and terrified of life.
I prayed a lot and questioned God as much.
I felt as if He had built me up for this future and now I had been built down and it had been hopeless.

I don't recall how long it took or when I had that joy and hope flowing in my life and heart again. When it did it was richer as I realised the future that had broken down was one that would allow me to fuel my need for acceptance and validation.
Life wasn't hopeless and God had not abandoned His child.
Every joyous moment I have had since that dark season of distress, fear and hopelessness, makes me bear with and have patience in the trials I have faced since. The fact that such bright moments were still yet to occur and joy yet to continue to overflow. I refuse to forget that and concede to giving up.

"bearwithtazii", is a message for life. I believe a part of my God given purpose is to inspire, encourage and support positive thinking and personal growth. I know I could solely focus my energy on supporting those in my immediate environments, or some I meet unexpectedly by going a distance or through opportunity. However, I'm a millennial blessed to have access to the digital advantages of our time, access to other platforms to spread the message.

As a 19-year-old, university student I don't have the answers, I am not qualified and I haven't experienced everything in life. I am still growing and learning myself. However, that does nothing to stop my endeavor as it would mean doing less to encourage and support other people.

I want to encourage the blooming and blossoming of every soul in this strange world. I would love to see "bearwithtazii" encourage you, my readers, to be living fulfilled lives, emitting joy, glowing with love and light and encouraging and supporting others to do likewise.

Here at "bearwithtazii" we are young souls with a lack of, or no experience in a world that demands experience. We are mistake makers and lesson learners, we have had doors closed in our faces, we have different strengths and weakness's, we're a mixture of personalities, and we have a zest for life.

We are here to experience all the joyous times which just happen to be mixed in with the sad, frustrated, lonely and tearful.

Nevertheless, we bear with.

- Tari Mushati

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